9. November 14th in TAIWAN – 14 Nov 11

Hello my dearest family! I love you all so much! I’m so grateful for the blessing of eternal families! I can’t wait to spend eternity with each of you! I know we all have had our rough times, and they aren’t over yet, but make sure you take the time today to make your family relationships what they ought to be! I can’t stress enough how much Satan is attacking families! I see it everyday! Be the change, don’t let him in, be fortified!

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about fortifications! I was reading in Alma 50:1 where it says, “And now it came to pass that Moroni did not stop making preparations for war…” If you take a second to read the verse before in Alma 49:30, “Yea, and there was considerable peace among them…”, we realize these preparations came in the time of peace when all appeared to be good! We can learn a lot from this simple principle that Moroni truly understood! We must never cease preparing! There is much we can continue to do everyday to remain physically, spiritually, and mentally prepared for whatever trials and challenges befall us! So often we see stellar people in our little branch fall prey to Satan’s traps because they forget to do the simple daily fortifications! What can you do today to fortify your family? What can you do to fortify yourself?

Lately our investigators Rao Wei Zhou and his wife have really used this principle to continue to grow! Their sons are some of the best tennis players in Taiwan and they are getting ready to start playing collegiate tennis! They have realized the need for spiritual fortification and even though they were at a tennis competition in Tainan this past Sunday, they still took the time to go to church and receive the blessings from following that commandment! Today we are actually going out to Shueli to play tennis with them and are super excited!

This past week me and Elder Petters went on splits with our branch presidency Thursday night! I got to go with Chen Huizhang (President Chen). He is one of the greatest guys ever! He is only 27 years old with a small family, but just because of how wise of a man he is he seems much older! He truly has become one of mine and Elder Petters best friends! He got his masters of accounting from the University of Utah and he speaks fluent English. Its kinda funny cause he is your typical chinese businessman, so me and him get along pretty well! We have actually had to set goals to not talk business with each other because we tend to like to do that a lot! But all around we really love him a ton! Anyways, me and him went on a rampage finding and challenging less actives! We found some less actives he had actually never met since he became branch president (he took over for his dad who was the old branch president in June). We gave them a responsibility and they both came to church! It was remarkable!

This week was a little bit crazy, it rained for 5 days straight. I do not think I have been anywhere in the world that has done that before! I’m not just talking that it was cloudy and overcast, it absolutely poured without stopping the whole time! We got soaked, but it couldn’t soak our spirits! We loved it! P.S. I have got the best bag in the whole world. When other missionaries are wrapping their backpacks in trashbags and stuff, I just keep going and it didn’t get one drop of water in it the whole time! So if anyone is looking for a super good bag get a Timbuk2!

Well, I love you all so much and I hope life is continuing on and going well for each of you! I would like a readers digest update from Jessika and Erika. I haven’t heard from them in a while! Have an AMAZING week!

-Elder Bailey


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