8. Novembers in Mingjian – 7 Nov 11

My Dearest family! As always I hope you are doing most excellently! I think about you all a ton and I love you each so so much!

This week we were really blessed to have a mission tour by Elder Gong. He is in the Asia area presidency and he is a truly remarkable man! We were invited to take the train into Taizhong and got the opportunity to be taught by him! He taught us something interesting. He said a lot of people are lacking the skills to do something necessary for our improvement. That is “be quick to observe.” He said often times many people coast through life without noticing the details! He gave us a challenge to do two things in regards to this statement:

“Be quick to observe”
1. Notice Quickly
2. Quickly Implement

He promised as we do these things the we offer the Lord more opportunities to sanctify us! Take a second and think what things are you skipping over quickly and missing in your life! Take time each day to notice things that are great and then implement them in your life! One of the greatest sources we ought to observe is the Book of Mormon! This sacred book was written for our day and there is much we can learn from the experiences of these ancient prophets!

Sometimes we take the hand of the Lord for granted! I had an experience this week where we truly could tell the Lord was watching out for us! Out here in the country in Taiwan there are a lot of stray dogs! However, they are always scared of people and are more just a part of the scenery, so we pay them no mind. The dogs you have to watch out for are the ones chained up in people’s yards. You can go silently past not knowing its there till it will launch snarling at you. For the most part, we haven’t had any problems because you just always stay beyond the reach of their chain! The other night Elder Petters and I were searching for our investigator’s house deep in the pineapple and tea fields way up on the mountain, when we stopped at a house for directions. We were met by one of the scariest looking dogs in my entire life, sitting there snarling at us, and worst of all he was not on a chain. I will admit I was absolutely terrified. This dog looked ready to rip us to pieces. This old 80-year-old man came out and called his dog back so it went behind the house. As it went around the house we left and started riding quick to get away from it when out of the bushes it jumped onto the road and started chasing us! I have never peddled harder in all my life, even during one of my cycling races! In my desperation to get away from this dog I remember muttering, “Heavenly Father help me!” It was after that I felt the biggest surge of energy to pull away from this dog going up hill! This may sound silly but I cannot tell you how grateful I was for the help of the Lord! This dog was not just chasing us for fun! I am so grateful we have the comfort and protection of the Holy Ghost as the Lord’s missionaries!

Sunday was a little rough but also really great! We really geared up for our best sacrament yet! We planned for 35+ people to attend this week! We were shocked when not only our investigators we had set up, but also a ton of active members did not show up. In total we had 11 people. Elder Petters and I were really disappointed! Yet we were so grateful for that challenge, so we now get to learn how to improve and get better! The great part however came when our recent convert Lin Xing Jian sat on the stand behind the sacrament table! I could not have felt more happy than watching this amazing man bless the sacrament for all of us! It truly was such a special experience!

Theres a ton more i would love to tell you about, but I am running out of time! I love you all so much! I included some pictures of a “biandang” a typical place we eat, a part of the Mingjian market, and then our beautiful train station in the sunset!

Love you all,

Elder Bailey


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