7. Hao jiu bu jian – 31 Oct 11

Ni Hao!

I hope you are all doing well! I hear its getting a little chilly back in the states! Weather here has really just cooled down and it feels perfect pretty much everyday. Not hot, not cold, and really not as humid! It has been pretty great!

Lately I have had a goal to give out a Book of Mormon everyday! This goal has led to some very special experiences being able to testify of the divinity of that book! Before my mission I really took the Book of Mormon for granted! I did not pour through its pages enough, and as a result did not claim the blessings that come as a result! I would exhort anyone within the sound of my voice to take a step back and question how they can better use the Book of Mormon in their lives. I have come to find that we must not just read the book of Mormon, but truly study it!

The other morning Elder Petters broke out a CD where the Mormon Tabernacle choir sang a bunch of Handel’s songs. As I was eating breakfast and reading the Book of Mormon the Hallelujah Chorus came on. Our apartment was truly filled with the spirit. Then it hit me, how great is it to have a sure witness of Jesus Christ sitting before me! In Chinese we use the words “youli de zhengju” which translates as “a convincing witness” I have come to find the Book of Mormon is the key to the lock of any problem! In any circumstance I testify the power to overcome is found through faithful study of those sacred pages!

I am truly humbled at the experiences I am privileged to have in Mingjian Taiwan. I think I told you a little about Liu Dx. He is a very poor man with no job who lives in Shueli. This week we got to meet with him and Lin Xing Jian (our recent convert who is doing AMAZING! By the way, he got the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday at church!) Not only has he given up smoking and everything but he has been faithfully studying the Book of Mormon. On Saturday as we confirmed him for church, he was a little hesitant. As we searched for his concern, we realized truly how desperate his situation was! He explained, “I had planned to go search for a big piece of wood I could maybe sell so I could eat” It brings tears to my eyes to recall the faith of this man who put aside his temporal needs to obey the commandments of God and attend church! This man truly understands what life is about. It is plain and simply living with faith to reach our Father’s presence. Liu Dx’s father passed away 4 months ago and he has been so lonely and has had nothing to live for. He is now working towards a baptismal goal in the near future and working to start a little food business out of the back of his truck! He is a miraculous man!

Zhang Jm has been struggling to come to church! She has a rock solid testimony, but is having the hardest time to meet the church requirements to be baptized because of her work! Please pray for her! We are praying and working super hard this week for a miracle that she will come to church!

We met a family that is just stellar in Shueli they are the Rao Jiating! They are ecstatic of the prospect of being an eternal family! They are really working towards that! Rao Dx is such an example of studying the scriptures. Every time we call him he tells us some great thing he got from the Book of Mormon for his family that day! It is so great to see him improving! They are super into tennis! (So is Elder Petters. He played it in England when his dad was there for the Air Force) So we always use examples from tennis to teach them and they eat it up! His son is the #1 17 year old tennis player in Taiwan right now! They are a perfect family for the gospel!

Well I love you with all of my heart! Remember to pour your hearts out to God. He listens and His hand in our lives is abundant!

Oh and happy Halloween 😀
I’m being a missionary 😉

-Elder Bailey / 包 (bao zhanglao)


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One response to “7. Hao jiu bu jian – 31 Oct 11

  1. Sharon Gubler

    Dear Spencer: Thank you for your letters and the stories that you tell. I am so happy for you, being on a mission in Taiwan. They may be lttle, but remember, dynamite comes in small packages :o) and you’re there to put “a match” to their possiblities :o) Sure do love you, and hope you keep up the momentum!….Aunt Sharon

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