6th Letter from Taiwan – 24 Oct 11

Hello! I hope you all have had a marvelous week! Life has been going great out here in Mingjian! Oh how Elder Petters and I love our area! We are in such a special place! Everyday I wake up just feeling lucky for all the blessings we have here!

Lately I have really been thinking about he simplicities of the gospel! Here in Taiwan we really have a unique challenge of teaching people that have absolutely no concept of God! In contrast to societies based in Christianity most everyone in Taiwan is Daoist or Buddhist. As we teach the gospel we get to start at the very most fundamental doctrines, that there is a God and He is our Heavenly Father! This is such a blessing to truly understand our divine heritage, understand that we are children of God! Time after time we meet with people who fear death, feel life has no meaning, and don’t see the value of religion. However after we share these simple truths we get to see their lives completely turn around! My dear friends and family, how humbling is it to know that the most omnipotent being in the universe is truly the Father of our spirits! Not only is He our loving Father in Heaven, but He allows us to communicate with him through prayer! Often times I think we overlook how magnificent prayer is! I love being able to see someone for the first time in their life kneel and humbly ask, “God, do you exist?” I testify prayers are answered. I testify that Heavenly Father listens to every word, and He does care, He understands, and He will help us!

Currently we have an amazing investigator named Zhang Jiemei! She is possibly one of the hardest working, most faithful moms I have ever met! Her sons have been members for 3 years and both are inactive and addicted to computer games! She has the largest desire to help these two young men. We have had them because they live close to us. Every night before we go in, Elder Petters and I have the privilege of stopping by their house and talking with them and praying together! These young men are special! They have so much potential! Anyways, Zhang Jiemei works everyday from 5am-8pm. She never gets breaks and is barely able to support her two sons! Though in this humble circumstance she is taking the steps to be baptized. She sacrificed a whole day off of work to come to stake conference. This was truly a miracle as she has not had a day off work for over 5 years and her boss let her come! Conference was as if it was tailor made for her! She came away saying, “I want my sons to serve missions.” I tell this story because we can all learn from her faith! What more can you do to SHOW the Lord through your actions that you are ready, able, and willing to serve him? I testify miracles happen today!

This week I really had a good reminder that the Lord is leading this work! I got to go on exchanges in Puli with Elder Olsen (he went to Orem High) we got lost and were trying to find directions when a homeless man came up to me and was so excited! He said he had met with missionaries in Taizhong and completely read the Book of Mormon, but had lost contact with them. He had moved to Puli, lost his job and was having a very tough time! He had been praying all week for help cause he didn’t know what to do. Then he said, “I looked down the street and saw you two and started running to catch you on your bikes because you are the answer to my prayers.” That was a really special experience! We had no idea where we were, but the Lord did! And this dear brother needed some help!

Last preparation day we got to go to Sun Moon Lake! It was absolutely beautiful!!! So enjoy the pictures! Today our branch president is taking us golfing so we are super excited!

Well, I love you all! Thank you for the prayers! We can definitely feel them!


-Elder Bailey



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