4th Letter from Taiwan – 10 Oct 11

Hello! I hope you are all doing well, and I cannot express my love for each of you! As we strive and strive and work with all of our strength to proclaim the gospel in hopes of helping families you realize the eternal importance of your own family. I hope each of you will take a look where you are in regards to our own family! Families are foundational and oh so important! I want you to know I love you with all of my soul!

Conference was absolutely wonderful! Though quite different from watching it in the states! It takes a whole new spin when you are a missionary! I am used to watching it on the couch all comfy paying half attention. We got the opportunity to stream it over the internet in this tiny little clerks office in our little branch building. it was rough cause here we just watch it all straight through so it was like 6 and 4 hours straight! I really enjoyed so many of them but especially the british guy who talked about the importance of our time! time flies as a missionary and is very limited. our time is very sacred! He gave us missionaries some great suggestions!

We are so so so excited! Lin Xing Jian this week had his baptismal interview and passed with flying colors! He attended all of the priesthood session and we are going out to his house in Shueli tonight for a family night. He is scheduled to be baptized this saturday! 😀 please plead with all your soul for his protection from the devil! This is the moment satan wants him most and we are trying to battle that as hard as we can, we meet with him everyday and he is just such an example to me of true faith! We love lin dx. this will be the first baptism this little branch has had in over a year! so they are super excited! mingjian is a tough area, but we are here to help people find the joy of the gospel and we are doing it through working harder than we ever have before!

We were heartbroken last week when li jiemei and her family came to church and her kids were being so naughty that the primary teacher snapped at them and Li Jiemei took offence and did not want to meet with us anymore. it was so hard because she was so prepared and we continue to pray for her!

Last pday we got the opportunity to go hike up one of the jungle mountains and find the monkeys! It was super cool to be standing 5 feet away from wild monkeys. I sent some pictures of the monkey packs and the little friendly one on the sign! super fun!

This week we ran into an interesting experience, we have been trying to get chen dixiang to church for quite a while and asked if we would help him in his fields, he is a pineapple and tea farmer. we were pretty sure he was taking us to his pineapple fields but ended up taking us to his tea fields. we werent sure if we could help him there so we called president bishop and he said “go ahead and help him farm his tea, but just get him to church” so we farmed his tea! that was deffinitely a new experience! but we are going to get him to come to church this week! 😀 so there are some fun pictures of that!

Today was a zone activity so we got to go out to nantou and play ultimate frisbee with our entire zone! it was great afterwards we went to this really nice steak house place with an all you can eat buffet. I have never been to a place like this. it was about $10 a plate which is kinda crazy expensive cause we are used to eating meals for about $1.50 but this was like a one time thing. but anyway it was a nicer restaurant than ive been to in the US you get 1 steak then there is TONS of other food where you eat all you can! it was super sweet! ill try to send one more email with some pictures of me holding a mini squid!

This past week i have had some fun learning to barter! we were teaching this guy who makes wood spoons and we bartered him for like half of what they cost. i now eat my oatmeal everymorning with it now! also at a bike shop we wanted a bike odometer to know how far we were going so we negotiated it down 100 kuai cheaper. the one i got for my bike wouldve been like 30-50$ in the states but we got it for 400 kuai which is somewhere about $6. so pretty awesome! 😀

Me and elder petters are doing really good! This honestly is the hardest thing I have ever done! when we go to bed at night we just flop onto bed and are out! We bike an average of about 15 miles a day (most of it up the mountain) and then just talk with everyone. Though it is difficult it is most rewarding to watch people repent change their lives, and let the atonement of jesus christ improve them and help them experience true joy!

Well I love you a ton! talk to you next week!

-Elder Bailey


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