3rd Letter from Taiwan – 3 Oct 11

Hello everyone! I hope all is going well back in the states! We have been having such a great time out here in Taiwan! We are currently teaching some wonderful families! Tonight we are going to visit Lin Xing Jian. He is the engineer for mitsubishi and possibly one of the most faithful men I have ever met! He is willing to do everything we ask him to! We taught him the word of wisdom and he straight up told us, “That sounds super hard!” but when we committed him to do it he said he was willing, and he has followed it all week! He has started bringing his daughter to church and activities and then he actually brought his dad last night! He is scheduled to get baptised in 2 weeks and we love him with all of our heart! There is a picture of three people in a circle talking, he is the one with the red shirt and black mercedes benz jacket, the older man next to him is his father. That was taken last night at our branch activity I will tell more about it at little later! We are also still teaching Li jiemei! Her kids had a rough time at church but she is still slowly progressing as well! We just met a great guy in zhushan yesterday who we sat with in a park after pulling him away from a stoplight and we taught him about the book of mormon and asked him to pray right then if it was true! It was like someone took his breath away after his sincere prayer he said, “wow, im so excited this book really is true!” it was so wonderful to witness this miracle!

We dont have tons of time today because we are running a little behind but I wanted to tell about the people we are teaching a little! Everything we do is to help them and we love them so much!

Last night our branch activity was to Kaorou (cow row) which is their version of barbequeing! It is super good! Funny thing about the taiwanese people is they will keep feeding you till you cant eat any more! I think I ate more meat last night than I ever did at tucanos! Something they love to say is, “meiguo meiyou zhege huh” which translates to America doesnt have this hah? it is this little thing that gives them quite a bit of country pride! So I heard that a lot last night and food kept just getting stuck into my little cup! Some things that I tried were grilled toufu, fish dogs, rice dogs, this type of pork that you grill and wrap in bread, they grilled sausage type things and wrapped them in green peppers, it tasted pretty good! haha it was great! There is a picture of two men cooking the food the one on the left is chen huizhang (president chen) he is our branch president! He actually got his masters of accounting from UofU so he speaks fluent english and he is the nicest guy! He comes down from nantou to help with the leadership in our little branch!

The other picture is our church building and then the view looking out from the doors of our church! Just thought you would like to see our humble little chapel in the jungle!

Well thats all I have time for but I love you all, and hope life is going good and that you learned a ton from conference! Elder Petters and I are excited to watch it this saturday! (we watch it a week later and all of it straight through)

-Elder Bailey



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2 responses to “3rd Letter from Taiwan – 3 Oct 11

  1. Elder Bailey, it is because of your great Faith and Prayers of you and others makes you a great Missionary for the Lord. We are proud of you. Keep up the good work. Grandpa

  2. Sharon Gubler

    Sorry, to wait so long getting this written. I’ve been busy. So glad to see that you’re doing so well! My prayers are with you, and all the other missionaries in the field. I’m sure you’re keeping a journal – some day it may be a source of inspiration and enlightenment, if you decide to write a book of your experiences in Taiwan. God speed the right…love ya’…

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