2nd Letter from Taiwan – 25 Sep 11


I cannot beleive it has almost been 3 whole weeks here in Taiwan! The days are flying past so quickly! I dont even have time to think about it we are always just going a hundred miles a minute! I love it though!

We are currently teaching some wonderful investigators! li jiemei is the mom i talked about last week! she is doing so well! We set up this wonderful peike (lesson with a member there) with the 2nd councilors wife and it worked out SO good! she has 4 little kids and she is progressing and reading the scriptures every night! We love their family so much! we are working to have them ready to be baptised the 10 of october! so it is great to keep working with them! We are teaching lin dixiang right now and he is this super great super willing dad. he is one of the engineers for mitsubishi and he is just great! he keeps all of his commitments and came to church for ALL 3 HOURS!!! WOOT! we love him and are working to help him build faith! at first he didnt get why there could only be one true religion but the 1st vision really touched and helped him!

It is tough with a lot of people here they do something called baibai. which is basically ancestor worship. I had never been exposed to that in my life but it really is a big problem. We had a thought earlier this week to combat baibai with family history, so elder petters and i have been learning a lot about family history so we can help them. specifaclly we have a member who is this stellar 20 year old guy we are trying to teach this principle to his mom so she will let her daughter get baptized and she eventually will accept the church herself!

Something that gives us an adventure everyday in taiwan is the traffic here. haha it is crazy. even more fun though is we get to bike in it. there are no shoulders on the side of the road here so if you need to go into a store and get something just park in the middle of the street and put on your hazard lights, its all good! 😀 also if you need to pass someone and it requires going into oncoming traffic just make sure you honk a couple of times so they know you are coming! it is so crazy but so great! it makes getting places kind of like a big game a frogger!

What is funny though is most of this happens at night, it gets dark here about 6 and thats when taiwan really comes alive! everyone opens up their shops and traffic gets crazy so it makes it even more fun since we have these little lights on our bike!

The other night we were in jushan for dinner cause we were finding some less actives out there and we had one of the best meals ever! it was this little shop that sold seaweed wraps. basically they make this pocket out of sticky rice and fill it with some chicken and all these vegetables that ive never seen before then wrap it in this seaweed mat looking thing. it was actually super good! especially after biking about 25 kilometers to jushan!

Slowly but surely i am improving mandarin. I am really working hard to understand better. They through in a lot of taiyu (taiwanese) since we are out in the country. however everyday im seeing improvements! I passed off phase 1 last week which was great (well just the 1st lesson in phase 1) but i know most all the stuff about the 1st lesson in PMG now!

Our branch is so great! we have some phenomonal people i sent some pictures of them. The picture of us with the one guy his name is wu dixiong he is a little tea farmer and the only member. he has had no formal education and just knows the book of mormon is true so he continues to come to sacrament meeting each week! we love him! he is this great faithful old guy. the other picture of just the older man is liao bei bei (liao grandpa) he lives the most humble life ever! we went to his house earlier this week out in shueli and he lives in this little shack on the railroad tracks, yet he is the most happy man i have ever met in my life! he doesnt have any teeth cause he smoked his whole life and he is still battling it, but he has the best smile when he smiles and all his teeth are gone and he chuckles, but he wouldnt smile for the camera. the other is a rice field by our house and some jungle palm trees on our morning run!

Well I love you all so much!

-Elder Bailey


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