Elder Bailey’s Letter – 23 Aug 11

My dearest friends and family!  It is my greatest wish that you are all doing amazing right now!!!  Sounds like everyone is getting ready to wrap summer up and get back into school and everything!  I wish you the best of luck!  Remember, knowledge is eternal!  Give it your all for knowledge is the key to the great door of life!

Life at the MTC is PHENOMONAL.  Hard, yes; but very rewarding!  We are preparing in our final moments to head to Taiwan and unite families for eternity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  We are super excited we get our travel plans this thursday!  This should be an exciting week as some of my good friends will be coming in from Utah State and we are progressing wonderfully with our investigators

Lately I have been thinking about our purpose here on this earth.  What is truly asked of us?  Who are we really?

I testify that we truly are children of god, our Father in Heaven!  We are in the midst of the most grand plan ever created.  As we are obedient to the laws of God we are in preparation to return to his presence after death and as a family live forever.

If we really take a second to step back we realize that there is truly a spark of deity within each of us!  How great a truth that we literally have the most omnipotent being in the universe awaiting our plea for help through prayer.  Do you daily take the advantage of prayer?  Do you ask that God might open the door to an immense store of blessings for you personally?  I bear witness of this most special gift, that in the name of Jesus Christ we can speak with our Father in Heaven.

To those of you that question God’s love for you personally I share an exerpt from a beloved prohpet of god who said, “God does notice us and watches over us; however, it is usually through other people.” (President Spencer W. Kimball).  Do not fail to notice those that bless your lives daily.  If we but look the tender mercies of God surround us!

As we seek the lords hand in our lives remember, “When you wander off  God’s agenda don’t expect his help.” (Stephen B. Allen).  He has asked us to follow the commandments he has given us!  I urge you to follow the council of God whether directly from his scriptures or from the voice of his prophets!  Obedience is such a hard principle for so many people, yet he who masters obedience masters the universe!  I am convinced that he that has the self control to obey has the self control to succeed!

I promise you that as we seek to more truly understand our eternal relationship with our Father in Heaven fountains of revelation will be opened to us!  I encourage you as you study the doctrine of Jesus Christ to not lose focus of where it came from!  For as the savior told us “this is the doctrine which my father gave unto me.” (3 Nephi 11:32)  As we learn to obey and follow the doctrine of christ we find the pure source of true joy in our lives!

I testify we have a God who loves us!  I bear witness of his son Jesus Christ; our savior, our brother, our king!  He lives and stands with arms wide open to each of us!

I love you all!
-Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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