Elder Bailey’s Letter – 30 Aug 11

Wow, it is amazing how fast time has flown by!  We are getting all prepared to take off for Taiwan a week from today!  We are all so excited!  We got our travel plans and on the morning of the 7th we fly to LA and from LAX we fly to Taipei.  It is gonna be great!  In our plans they gave us I found out I was assigned to be travel leader.  We have 18 missionaries traveling in our group!  It is gonna be crazy, I have this little letter that tells all these things I have to do to keep track of our group of missionaries.  Pray for us to have special experiences on our way over there, I bought some pass along cards to give to my group and am praying for the opportunity to share the gospel during our 21 hours of travel!

It is always fun to come to this point when you are wrapping up a significant event in your life and look at it with retrospect and realize all the good that has happened!  The Missionary Training Center has become a very sacred place to me!  I have had so many spiritual experiences that our both to numerous and special to discuss.  I have been most blessed this past 11 weeks, and though I still have much to learn and feel so inadequate.  All the same, I am ready to step into the hands of the lord and begin teaching his children in Taiwan.

I do not have much time today but I have been thinking a lot about the following quote:
“Never let your faith be difficult to detect!”
– J. Rueben Clark

My dear friends and family.  As I leave my home and dear country I wish to leave you with one of my most treasured possessions.  My testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I know without a Shadow of a doubt that I am a son of God.  My heavenly father loves me and all his children with an unspeakable amount of love.  He loves us so much he organized a plan for us to come live on this earth be tested and return to live with him as families for eternity.  I bear my sacred testimony with the utmost conviction that I know Gods son Jesus Christ lives.  He today stands at the head of this church and is central to all I do in my life!  I testify that through Christ we can be made clean, that he is our source of light, peace, and true joy.  Christ is my savior, brother, friend, and king.  I bear witness of his divine roll in atoning for the sins of the world!  I testify as we come to learn our Father in Heaven’s doctrine given to us through Jesus Christ our lives will take on new meaning and improve in ways thought impossible!  I testify that our Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father appeared to the boy Joseph Smith and called him as a prophet in these latter days.  I testify that Joseph Smith fulfilled his divine roll as a testator and prophet with the calling of restoring the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ to this earth.  He sealed his testimony with his blood, in efforts to bring the human race again to a knowledge of the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.  I bear witness this church is true. I know it from the very center of my soul. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints means everything to me.  Everything.  It is my hope for my family, my hope for my friends, and my hope for salvation.  I bear this witness in the sacred name of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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