Elder Bailey’s Letter – 9 Aug 11

Hello friends and family!!!!!

Life at the MTC is phenomonal!  The spirit here is unstoppable and I absolutely love it.  I hope all is well back home, and like always I would love to hear from you and if you feel so inclined share your testimony and favorite conference talk with me!!

Yesterday was a sad day.  Wei LaoShi (sister whipple) had her last day because her and her husband are moving to New York.  We truly loved her!  She taught us so much and it was hard to see her go!  Earlier that morning we got to teach her for the last time!  I will never forget the tears in her eyes as Elder Crandall and I testified of the prophet Joseph Smith.  The first vision in any language is a direct invitation for the power of the Holy Ghost to testify to our hearts.  I have always felt an overwhelming witness of the truthfullness of that sincere testimony of what happened to the young boy Joseph every time I hear the first vision!  It is true, and simply powerful

Lately, I have been thinking alot about ourselves and our relationship with God.  On sunday we had a devotional from emeritus 70 Merrill J. Bateman.  He said something interesting, “As we live the gospel, the spirit of Christ is infused into our countenance!”  Wow, what an interesting promise!  We can eminate the light of Christ by being faithful!

Recently, I have been introduced to a concept I always knew about but did not quite understand.  That concept is that of Faith.  Something I have come to find is that Faith is not a thing but in fact a process.  I must admit I never thought of it like this before!  Faith originates from the Greek word “Pistis” which litterally means: the mutual loyalty of following a contract.  What is this contract?  Well it is the process of us developing hope and turning to action afterwhich we are promised a witness.  However, before this can happen we must fulfill two prerequisites of hearing the word of god (Romans 10:17) and having a softened heart (2 Nephi 33:1) for the Holy Ghost can only carry a message unto the hearts of men, we are the gatekeepers to allow the word into our hearts!

It can be thought of like this:


  1. Hear the Word of God
  2. Have a softened receptive heart


  1. Desire/Hope – “Hope is not knowledge, but rather the abiding trust that the lord will fulfull his promises to us!” – Pres. Uchtdorf
  2. Act on our hopes and desires – Action is a demonstration of our desires
  3. Witness – We are promised a witness after a trial of our faith! (Ether 12:6)

My friends and family will you act on your hope or demand proof first?  I testify that as we look to live our lives with greater faith we will be blessed with the Power of the Holy Ghost in more abundance!  As we excercise and learn by faith we can have the power to change our personal futures!

I bear witness that our savior lives, I know he loves each of us!  I testify that through studying the Book of Mormon you will gain a divine knowledge of the atoning sacrafice of our savior!  I testify that as truly as I know these things you also can through diligent desires and applying the process of faith!  I testify that Joseph Smith restored the gospel of Jesus Christ in full Authority!  This is His work, this is His glory, this is His Desire that we labor unwearyingly and be blessed for it!

I love you all!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey


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