Elder Bailey’s Letter – 2 Aug 11

Sorry again for the delay in posting. I have been at girls camp and then we spent a week on family vacation.

Hey everyone I hope life is going super great for you!  Life in the MTC has been challengeing but good!  This week has been full of great spiritual experiences, long days, and wonderful speakers!  It has been really great, I keep bumping into Breton Day and a few other good friends all over the place!

So, I find it interesting how last week I told you all about how I felt the MTC was the Missionary Molding Center.  Well last Tuesday evening after I wrote that we had the most phenomonal speaker!  We had an Emeritus 70 named Dennis M. Simmons come speak to us about this very subject!  He addressed the topic of the “Sanctification of the Missionary.”  We often hear the term refiners fire, but before this I did not truly realize what that implies!  He taught us that to be refined we must be sanctified! There are many synonyms with sanctification and this is the process he referred to being sanctified:

“Cleansing, purifying, changeing, repenting, recognizing, suffering, growing, accepting, seeking, avoiding, thanking, appreciating, laughing, crying, choosing, sacraficing, opening, understanding, embracing, abandoning, submitting, regretting, aggonizing, STRIVING!”

May I suggest we are all truly being sanctified everyday.  As we turn our lives to the savior he shapes us through this sanctifying process.  I can truly witness this has been the case at the MTC!  Sanctification is a daily occurence here! He said something about this process that truly struck me:

“You have been born for this time… that means you have a greater potential than those that came before… You have within you a spark of deity, ask your father to know who you truly are; it will astound you!  During this most wonderfully aweful thing called a mission you are in the midst of your purifying and sanctifying time.  For you do not grow without ressistance; the lord is shaping you.”

I testify we all truly do have a spark of deity!  Though sometimes we do not see the larger picture, and question: Why do we experience trials?  Why are we required to stretch?  It is for this reason, that without ressistance we cannot grow, and through this ressistance the lord shapes us!  My dear friends and family, welcome this wonderful opportunity to be sanctified!

My companion and I had a great oppotunity this past Saturday at the TRC (teaching resource center)  It is where members come be themselves and we teach them a gospel message in mandarin.  It always is truly a learning experience.

Most often we are speaking with chinese natives or returned missionaries or businessmen.  This week we had a college student from mainland china who had recently been baptized!  She was so full of energy and was correcting everyother word but it was so great!  We were teaching about the power of revelation through the Book of Mormon.  We stumbled through to the end of our lesson and in preparation to close I said, “Wo keyi dui de moermenjing zuo jianzheng lai jieshu ma?” Which means, “To close, may I testify of the Book of Mormon.”
Imediately after I said that I was filled from head to toe with an overwhelming love for the great book translated by Joseph Smith.  I opened my mouth and plainly, simply in fluent mandarin testified of my love for and the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon.  She looked at me with tears in her eyes, and said in english, “That was one of the most piercing witnesses of the Book of Mormon I have ever heard.” I do not recall what I said.  For it was not me that was speaking to this young new convert from China but truly it was our God.  My dear friends and family our Heavenly Father lives, and he is a God of miracles!  This experience was so special to me as I saw that when allowed to the devices of the Holy Ghost our Heavenly Father will expound our capacities and guide our actions.

This experience reminded me of a talk by Elder Holland regarding the Book of Mormon that established that love for that dear book deep in my heart.  In 2009 Elder Holland gave a talk entitled, “Safety for the Soul.”  I still recall the burning in my heart as he testified: “I want it absolutely clear when I stand before the judgment bar of God that I declared to the world, in the most straightforward language I could summon, that the Book of Mormon is true, that it came forth the way Joseph said it came forth and was given to bring happiness and hope to the faithful in the travail of the latter days.”

My dear friends and family, I bear witness that Jesus is the Christ!  I testify that the Book of Mormon is imperical evidence of the divine nature of our savior and redeemer!  I testify that this church is Christs church!  For it was restored through Joseph Smith at the direction of Jesus Christ himself!  I know that Joseph Smith truly was led by God during the restoration and translation of the Book of Mormon.  I testify as we read this sacred book and allow our Father in Heaven to sanctify us our lives will be filled with more purpose and meaning!

I love you all!
-Elder Spencer K. Bailey



Hey I sent you a little package today! I hope you get it when you get back from camp!  Anyways, the other day when that lady called you I was sitting right next to her and it was so good to hear your voice even so faintly from the telephone she was holding!  My foot has had some of those planter warts since probably february but they never bugged me so I just left them.  The past month however they have gotten big and started hurting so I went to the clinic.  They sent me to a pediatrist today and he burned them out with acid (there were 5 of them)  and I have to go back in 2 weeks and have it done again.  It hurt pretty bad but its better to get it taken care of now so I can get out to Taiwan!


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