Elder Bailey’s Letter – 16 Aug 11

I honestly cannot believe how fast the time has flown by here!  We are just about to start week 9!  CRAZY!!!  We only have three weeks left, and I can only imagine how they are going to fly by and before I know it I’m going to be cycling through the streets of Taiwan!  Oh I am so excited!!!

This week has been a little rough.  For some reason this week just wore on us a little more than normal.  Our teacher left last week and as a result so did our “investigator”  we were just about one lesson away from baptism and then we got “dropped”.  Although our progressing investigators are for practice it was just so dissapointing to not reach the end goal.  Anyways, when we are down the lord always finds ways to pick us back up.  We got a new teacher named Feng LaoShi (Sister Infanger) she is tough but good!  She really stresses always SYLing (speak you Language) so pretty much even from the other guys in our district that would try to speak chinese as little as possible it has been crazy cause we honestly just dont speak english anymore.  All the same I do not feel one bit ready to be talking to the people of Taiwan in three weeks ahhh!

So on sunday we got three guys together from SigEp and took a picture!  I will be sending the memory card in my letter this week and you can put it up on the blog!  It was me, Scott Heinrich, and Michael Hoggard.  So that was fun to see those guys!

I don’t have tons of time, but I want to share some thoughts from last tuesdays devotional.  We had Elder Cecil O. Samuelson, the president of BYU and member of the 70 speak to us.  He focused his remarks around 1 Timothy 4:12 “Be thou an Example of the Believers!”  He said some things that made me really think about me and my actions:

“All of us who represent the Savior are on a stage, we must be examples of him! We must be examples in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, and in purity!  In short we must be an example in everything we are, everything we do, and everything we hope to become!”
-Cecil O. Samuelson

How true is it that there is always someone watching.  I urge each of you to take a step back and examin your daily actions.  Are you doing anything that would not properly represent the savior?  Are we showing charity and love to ALL people?  Are we watching what we say and avoiding the urge to criticize or condem?  My dear friends and family I testify that as we make a stronger effort in being an example of the Savior and his doctrine that we will be blessed as a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ!  We will find more success in our families, we will find more meaning in our lives, we will realize the importance of each of our many actions!

I bear testimony of my Savior!  He lives, and loves us with a perfect love!  If you are struggling I encourage you to go to him in prayer!  For as Merrill J. Bateman said, “The atonement was a personal, intimate experience where the Savior came to know each of us!”  I testify that he does know you and he chears for your success!

I love you all and hope you are enjoying these last moments of summer!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey



Could you send me some BandAids for my feet?  could you get the normal size ones that are made of cloth not plastic?  I need to replace some of Elder Hogges and then I need some for this week.  I went back to the doctor again today and he cut out all the dead skin and then did another treatment of the acid stuff… It doesnt feel so great and I have to keep them bandaged for 5 days.  Anyways, they said they couldn’t bill it to you so I just paid the $10 copay on my debit card.  They are going to have me go one more time as well before I leave so hopefully it all gets healed up!

I’m sending you a letter with more info so hopefully you get that soon!


-Elder Bailey


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