Elder Bailey’s Letter – 26 Jul 11

Here is the current letter for this week!! Also you will notice he asked me to request that you send him your favorite past conference talks so he can study them. He can not look any up while in the MTC. They have very limited computer time there due to the large volume of missionaries. I did not post it when I should have, if any one would like to send him a talk he would be most grateful! Thanks!!  (Sorry I’m not good at this yet)

Hello my Dear Family!

It has been another long wonderful week at the Missionary Training Center.  Recently I have reflected the name of the MTC I almost feel they should change it to the Missionary Molding Center.  We are being more than just trained!  We are shaped to be messengers for the Lord Jesus Christ!  It is wonderful, yet also extremely Challengeing!

Some good news, our “investigators” are progressing very wonderfully!  I really love this new pilot program we got through, because we get to follow our investigators and watch them progress and teach to their needs!  It teaches us so much and stretches us to prepare all that in mandarin!  However both our investigators (huang qing ye and yu yong mei) have both committed to be baptized.  Though we don’t always understand much of what they say we can feel the spirit and help them feel it as well with our humble testimonies!  We had a great lesson yesterday about the Word of Wisdom.  It was tought because it was all new vocab for me, we have been trying to use no notes in our lessons and it has been great to have sentences flow from our mouth as a pure result of a blessing from our father in heaven!

So, remember how I told you I got my new scriptures?  Well they don’t look so new anymore!  Something about the MTC has instilled this love for the scriptures! I pour through them marking them and loving them!  I absolutely love the Book of Mormon.  Other tasks become a burden when they interfere with studying the Doctrine of Christ and reading the scriptures!

We were so blessed Tuesday night to have Elder F. Melvin Hammond an emmeritus 70 speak with us!  He spoke directly about the book of mormon!  His remarks just invigorated us missionaries!  He said something that really touched me: “You can feel the power of the Book of Mormon it can break the hardest hearts and melt the most sinful souls; it is imperical evidence this church is true!”

Oh how true that statement is!  If you want to feel the power of God emminate into you run your fingers across the pages of the Book of Mormon.  The power of which he speaks is real, and it is the power of God!  I encourage everyone within the sound of my voice or who reads this to reaffirm your love for the book of mormon!  Read it!  Do as Moroni encourages us and ask our Heavenly Father of its truthfullness!  This book changes lives!

As, a district we watch mormon messages occassionally together.  Recently we watched one about the beloved Elder Wirthlin.  He was well known for the phrase, “Come what may and love it!” My dear friends and family, this life is not without heartache or sorrow!  But please always remember our God does not forsake!  Always turn to him and he will turn to you!  I testify we have a savior who lives and is mindful of our needs!  I testify of his atoneing sacrifice on calgary!  Though we may face oposition I encourage you to welcome it as an opportunity for the Lord to shape you!  May we live with his love in our lives… Come What May and Love It!!

I love you all!

-Elder Spencer K. Bailey

P.S. Mom did you remember to post the blog post about sending me their favorite conference talk and testimony?  I would love to still get those from anyone who is willing to send it (I haven’t gotten any yet)


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  1. Aunt Sarah

    Love the pictures at the MTC. This is such a great way of staying in touch. And thanks for your letter Elder Bailey. We loved getting it.

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