Elder Bailey’s Letter – 12 Jul 11

Sorry, we do only get a little time but I was just worried no one was getting my emails! The best way for meaningful interaction is through letters! But I love getting both! So make sure to send some dear elders soon cause I can only send stuff pretty general in the short time I have! 😀

So, with our investigator. We started teaching the 1st day we were here in mandarin. They are our teachers and they call them “Progressive Investigators” they take on a profile of someone from their mission and we go through all the discussions with them in mandarin. So it is a huge learning experience cause we always have to be prepped for our lessons! With, one of our investigators we are inviting her to be baptized tomorrow! 😀 We are teaching our teacher Dong LaoShi right now who is Huang Xing Ye. We had such a cool experience teaching last time about faith in jesus christ and the eternal destiny of families! We had Sun Jiemei (Sister Gibson) come to our lesson with us and play the role of his sister! The spirit was there so strong as she testified to him (his sister is a member) that she loved him and wanted him to follow christ so she could be with him forever! The spirit speaks the same language no matter what language and even when we are practicing teaching! We truly have a message of happiness!!!!

So something really cool happened the other day! Elder Ihler at lunch was talking to us. (We have been trying to SYL – Speak Your Language 24/7 as we eat and just go around doing everything! But anyways he looked up and was like, I used to think Mandarin sounded so foreign and weird and now it just sounds so normal. We all realized this was the case! We were talking about how we were struggling and each person addmitted to feeling the worst in our district! Later that night we were in class and our mandarin teacher walked in and asked a ton of questions and then all of a sudden I realized I understood everything she said. I turned to my companion and he said he understood it too! That was when we realized that we are actually improving! Compared to the first day Wei LaoShi walked in talking and we felt so lost we can actually communicate pretty well with her! This is truly the work of the lord!

So, I have been studying the Doctrine of Christ! (3Nephi 11 & 2Nephi 31) I dont think I ever quite understood what our religion was all about or what the main purpose was untill I started studying this. We did this amazing workshop where we started learning about answering questions of the soul. We watched talks on ipods from president bednar. Something interesting he said was, “The answer to any question is in the Doctrine of the Gospel.” I have come to find this to be so true! The doctrine of christ is SO simple yet so profound with its eternal effects! Christ invites us to Repent – Have Faith in Him – Be Baptized and Make Covenants – Then Endure to the End. It is not complex, though sometimes hard to give up what we want it is easy to take upon us Christs name and follow his doctrine! We are promised as we do that we can INHERIT the Kingdom of God! How great is that Promise!!!!!! 😀 I urge you to study and understand the doctrine which Christ teaches. Which simply stated is the fundamental foundation of our Church! I testify Christs Doctrine IS the way to Eternal Happiness!

Last Tuesday we had an amazing fireside by an emeritus general authority, Elder Cree L. Kofford. He taught us two things to obtain our full pontential as missionaries and for the rest of our life!
1. Learn about Obedience!
2. Learn to Discern the Spirit
It was a very uplifting learning opportunity for me! Often in our lives we question the why of rules. Why we must obey certain rules or commandments. The answer lies not in the why, but the what and what we can obtain from obedience! Elder Kofford said it so beautifully when he said:
“Obedience qualifies us for blessing of revelation, blessings of prayer, and blessings of obedience.” That is WHAT we can obtain through being obedient! He urged us to learn from the spirit! For “Success is not neccesarily knowing the doctrine, but continually feeling the spirit!”

I testify obedience correlates with having the spirit in our lives! When we do not have the spirit we have the opportunity to repent! ******(mom insert repentance stuff from your letter here)*******

I love you all more than you could know! Send me a dear elder so I can send you more personalized things!


Elder Bailey


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