Elder Bailey’s Letter – 5 Jul 11

Well, I’ll be honest that was a little disheartening to wait all week and get on here to see that no one in my family had written me back.  Just so you know us missionaries wait all week to get on here and have direct communication with our families. I hope you guys are even getting my emails…

Anyways, I will just share some fun stories from this week.

Sunday was fast Sunday.  As a district we had a joint fast to be blessed with the gift of tongues and be able to communicate in chinese as we dilligently studied the gospel!  Sister Sumko opened it up with a beautiful prayer.  Though I was extremely hungry I felt the spirit blessing us all day!  During our fast I got to witness wonderful miracles.  During sacrament meeting our zone met and had sacrament and a fast and testimony meeting in 100% mandarin.  As elders began bearing their testimony of christ I could understand them completely and feel of their spirit as they testified of our savior jesus christ.  I thought of 3 sentences I could share of my testimony in mandarin and so I went and got in line to share my testimony.  Standing at that pulpet I felt the spirit of the lord so so strongly! I said words I didn’t know I knew.  I fluidly bore my testimony in mandarin chinese for at least two minutes.  I know the lord is blessing us to learn this difficult language! I can feel your prayers for us as we labor in the service of our god.

I have come to truly know the blessing of the Book of Mormon.  I bought my first quad scriptures the other day and have started over on my “mission copy”.  It has been amazing to see how much of a blessing they are during our times of trial and dissapointment!  On Sunday we had the opportunity to watch the Joseph Smith Movie!  After watching that I felt the spirit so stronly testify that Joseph Smith was truly a prophet called of God!  I testify that he restored Christs church to the earth and that he did see Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven!  The Book of Mormon was truly brought to pass through the divine hand of God.

Since our second day here they have had us begin teaching in Mandarin.  Elder Crandall and I struggled at first and we would have to script everything out in mandarin.  We have found that this made us read our lesson and we lost a lot of the sincerity.  We prayed and decided to have faith in our ability.  We got new “investigators” and so when we taught them we would only write down key words or concepts in english that we wanted to say.  We prayed to be able to say what we wanted from our hearts in Mandarin.   That has been the best decision we have made!  Our mandarin has improved SO much!  It has been phenomonal!  We still have a long way to go but it somehow feels doable.

Please pray for our district.  As we have started to come out of our shell we have found our district has a couple elders who like to bend rules and aren’t to big on studying and being seriouse.  It has been making it hard to truly learn and feel the spirit.  We strive to love them and still be a successful district!

Sunday night fireside we had Sister Jenny Oaks Baker come play the violin for us.  She is a concert violinist and the daughter of Elder Oaks.  She studied violin at Juliards and was PHENOMONAL!!! Her music was just inspirational and I just had a burning love for my savior as she played “This is the Christ”.

我知道天赋很爱我们. 我知道我们是身的孩子. 我知道什么时候我们祈祷我们可以感觉身的爱.

I’m not sure how much of that is correct because the computer only types in simplified chinese and we learn traditional.  But there you go! 🙂

I hope to hear back from you soon!  Mom, I will send you a letter clarifying what I need!

I love you guys,

Elder Spencer K Bailey


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