Elder Bailey’s 1st Week in the MTC

From Spencer’s Mom:

I have not ever done this so I’m hoping this works out.  We dropped Spencer off a week ago today to the Provo  MTC. As we pulled up there were several Missionaries there to greet the incoming Missionaries. Spencer hopped out and was excited to find that he knew the Missionaries waiting on the curb!! He took off with them and never looked back.  Which I keep telling myself, is a good thing.

Earlier that morning he said “I’m so excited, today I get my name badge!! I’ve wanted one of those my whole life”!!!

Here are his adventures….

My Dearest Family!!!

Greetings from the MTC!  Life is going GREAT over here!  Just some things if you want to reply to this letter and ask question please click “Reply All” we don’t have much time to email so that will help consolidate it when I login.

I have been so happy here!  I truly have learned what hard work is though.  People always told me missions were hard work but I finally realized what that meant.  It is very exhausting work.  You are mentally engaged from 6:30am-10:30pm going 100% all day long.  The mandarin speakers have been put into a new program called the language pilot program.  From day one we came into our classes to be directed around in full mandarin chinese and not one word of english.  The church  is testing out a new training program with our mandarin zone and it is very challengeing yet very rewarding at the same time!  The second day we were here we were asked to teach a mock investigator in mandarin and just go from there.  We have learned to introduce ourselves, talk about the church, pray, testify of our beliefs, commit people to tasks, read and look up scriptures, and a number of various other things in mandarin.  Kinda crazy considering we have not even been here 1 week yet!  Though our classes are hard it has taught me a lot.  I have been humbled tremendously.  I cam into class thinking I would be doing pretty good just because I had studied mandarin before.  I learned within hours of entering the MTC that I had A LOT to learn!  I  testify that this truly is the work of the lord though.  I have witnessed the gift of tongues first hand.    I always wondered what that would be like to have that gift, and I have no question now.  I watched my companion testify in broken mandarin thursday afternoon our first day at the MTC and I cannot deny the spirit that was in that room!  This is an amazing work and I love it with all my heart!

I have been blessed with an amazing district!  Let me introduce you to our district so you can know who they are  when I reference to them later!

  • Elder Crandall – my companion – from Oakley, Utah – going to Taichung as well – Wrestled for the Air Force Acadamy and had to resign from the acadamy to come on his mission
  • Elder Ihler – our roommate companionship from Malad, Idaho – he is going to calgary mandarin speaking Great elder
  • Elder Hogge – super stud elder that is Elder Ihlers companion  in our room – he is from Kansas – going to calgary
  • Elder Ipson – the partier of our district
  • Elder Bennett – studied mandarin at harvard and has truly humbled me and taught me I don’t know everything
  • Elder Taylor – the happy jokester that keeps us smiling
  • Elder Mclane – looks like a senator and is going to Washington DC north mandarin speaking
  • Sister King – Great sister who is always happy
  • Sister Gibson – service oriented sister. the hem fell out on my pants and she  sewed it for me
  • Sister Sumko – social sister – she never stops talking but is so nice!!

I just wanted to tell you who they are cause we spend on average 6-8 hours a day together in a classroom!  You will most likely hear a lot about them.  If i didnt say where they are going they are going to my mission.

On friday night they called a special fireside for the missionaries because of the mission president seminar and it was so so so so neat!  We were all sitting there and they never tell us who will be speaking to us.  I just remember feeling the spirit SUPER strong and I looked at my companion and we both just said and apostle is here!  Seconds later 8 apostles walked into the front of the room and went to the stand.  I absolutely testify those men are called of god and that they are so near to christ! For christ is so near when they are!  I wish I brought my notes to the lab because I forgot all who was there, but we had Elder Bednar speak to us.  That was so special to hear from the apostle who’s hand I shook 6 months earlier!  He talked about 5 principles of being a preach my gospel missionary.  I will give you a better account when I have more time (we only  get  30 min to email) and I brought my notes book.  He also gave an analogy about fiber optic cables that transfer light.  He has encouraged us to remember we are the cable and only a conduit for the light who is the spirit and christ himself to enter the hearts of our investigators!

I love you all and I have been having a marvelous experience here ask some specific questions for next time and I will answer them.  It is hard to stay on topic to broad questions when we have such little time to email!

I testify that God lives that he is mindful of each of us!  I know he sent his son to atone for our sins!  This was an act of love that causes me to stand awestruck.  I testify that we have a prophet of God on earth and that he has called the quorum of apostles to witness of christ!! They are called of God!  I testisfy the gospel makes us happy never forget that!

I love you please stay faithful!  I love this work with all my heart!

Elder Bailey

Look for my letter of things I need! 😀


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One response to “Elder Bailey’s 1st Week in the MTC

  1. Heather Nelson

    Sister Bailey- I just can’t say it enough. You and your husband have truly raised a remarkable young man! I love being able to feel his excitement as I read his letter!! The blessings your family will receive will be marvelous!

    All the best,
    Heather and Trevor Nelson

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